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USCA Race Insurance

USCA LogoThis is a United States Canoe Association sanctioned event. All paddlers will need to purchase one day coverage at race check in for $6, if not registered through Active.com. All racers must sign a waiver prior to starting the event.

Safety on the Course

Local emergency medical officials will be notified of the event. River rangers will patrol the waters of the course as necessary. Emergency medical numbers will be given to all participants. Cell phones are recommended. USCA rules and regulations must be followed at all times. Random required gear checks may take place during the event. Each participant must have a coast guard approved type I, II, III or V Personal Floatation Device (PFD) in his/her possession while on the water. Each boat must have one pea-less signal whistle, either securely affixed to a life vest or the boat in a manner which allows quick access in a personal emergency.

Race Course Description

The race will be staged on the Colorado r5ver. The race will begin under IH-35 on Ladybird Lake and finish 100 kilometers (62 miles) downriver at Fisherman’s Park in Bastrop. The river is free-flowing and virtually hazard-free, with the exception of the occasional boulder or gravel bar. Good water navigation skills will be an advantage. With low water, some shoal areas exist. However, they are typically short and should present no problem. The water quality is generally clean and clear except following heavy rains, which stir up the red sand resulting in muddy water. With a strong southerly wind, forward progress may be slowed. The only mandatory portage is out of Ladybird Lake. A portage trail will be marked with yellow ribbon about 100 yards to river right (south) of Longhorn Dam along Pleasant Valley road. The portage will be manned by volunteers to direct the way through a tunnel under the road and back into the river. It’s approximately ¼ mile long portage on easy terrain. There is one additional recommended portage on this portion of river. It’s a few miles below Longhorn Dam, after the portage out of Ladybird Lake. It’s a small dam that can be portaged on either side.

Stand-Up Paddlers will begin at NOON at the FM 969/Utley Bridge.

Mandatory Check Points

There will be 2 mandatory check points for both the Adventure Class and Competitor Class. They will be at Little Webberville Park and the 969 bridge at Utley. These check points are mandatory and are required to monitor the progress of the event. They will be managed by the event staff. Failure to check in at these points will result in disqualification, no exceptions.

Other than the Start/Finish line, there will be no checkpoints for Stand-Up Paddle Division.

Meeting Points

Race officials will be positioned at meeting points to monitor racers progress. There will be no check-in at these meeting points and no guarantee that a ride is available if the racers choose to quit the race. The first will be at the 183 bridge in Austin. The second will be at the Big Webberville park.

Night Travel

There will be no dark zones. This race will be continuous through the night. Either a head lamp or bow light is required. Bow and stern chemical light must be lit and on at dusk.  Although there are no required dark zones a paddler may pull over and rest as needed with respect to the cut-off times. Although the river banks are private property the multiple sand bars, and parks will be available for the tired paddler. Beware of river critters.

Cut-Off Times

This event has a 16 hour time limit for all paddlers in the adventure class. In order for a paddler in the adventure class to finish this event in under 16 hours they must maintain continuous forward motion at a minimum average of approximately 3.75 mph for 16 hours. Paddlers in the competitor class will have a 14 hour time limit. This translates to an average speed of 4.29 mph for 14 hours. Each mandatory check point will represent a cut-off time. Failure to reach these checkpoints by the required cut-off time will result in a DNF status. Stand-Up Paddle division will have 9 hours to complete 14.5 miles. If a paddler chooses to continue after the designated cut-off time they will do so at their own risk, without the support of the event staff.

Race Support

Each participant is allowed unlimited race support and is responsible for their own support. Any public access points on the river may be used for this purpose. Support is defined as any assistance given to the participant outside of substituting boats or paddlers. This includes, but is not limited to, water and food hand offs, disposal of trash and or hugs and kisses from loved ones. For those wanting to travel without race support, they may self support by using any one of the several river parks that line the race course. Potable water will be available at these locations. Pre-scouting the race course and local river parks is strongly recommended. The organizers of the race will not provide any outside support during the race.

Unsupported Racer Information

Racers can race unsupported. This does not change the status that each team is responsible for checking in to each of the two checkpoints.

Class Age Restrictions

Due to the extreme nature of this event, strict age limitations will be enforced. Any solo participant must be at least 16 years of age. Any tandem participants must be at least 14 years of age and travel with an adult at all times. No exceptions. All racers under the age of 18 must have waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Texas Winter 100k Shuttles

This year, shuttles for practice runs may be made available dependant on when Director, West Hansen, is in town.

Adventure Class

This class is for the paddler who is in it for the challenge and adventure. If you are an adventure racer, recreational paddler or new to paddle racing then this is the class for you. If you are competitive in nature but don't have a race boat to back you up then this class is for you. If you just got a race boat and are still falling out of it then this class is for you. Adventure Class boats include, but are not limited to: aluminum, plastic, abs or fiberglass canoes, touring kayaks, surfskis, sea kayaks and sit on tops. Inflatable's & Rowing sculls are not allowed in the TWO.

Qualifications to race in the Adventure Class

Participants may use any type of canoe or kayak unless they fit the "Adventure Class Exception" below. Previous Competitor Class racers may not race in the Adventure Class unless they are in a recreational type boat. Previous Adventure Class winners who won their class in a recreational type boat may continue to race in the Adventure Class. All boats must be paddled with either a canoe or kayak paddle.

"Adventure Class Exception"

A participant may not use a carbon or kevlar racing style boat in the Adventure Class if they have previously placed 1st in their class or subclass in that boat in the Adventure Class in the CR100 or the TWO. This holds true for either member of a tandem team.

If you have any questions regarding boats or what class you should race in PLEASE email us before you register texaswinter100@gmail.com

Adventure Subclasses

Solo - male, female
Tandem - male, female & mixed.


Although the adventure class competitors are not eligible for cash awards, the top 3 finishers in each subclass will be recognized at the awards ceremony for their accomplishments.

Competitor Class

This Class is geared toward the competitive marathon canoe racer. Entry into this class will make you eligible for cash awards given to the top three finishers in each subclass. They will also be recognized at the awards ceremony for their accomplishment.

Qualifications to race in the Competitor Class

Participants must be able to make the Competitor Class cut off times for each checkpoint. Previous marathon canoe racing experience is recommended. All boats must be paddled with either a canoe or kayak paddle.

Competitor Subclasses

USCA C1 & C2 - male, female, and mixed
(Specs as outlined in the USCA handbook)
Unlimited Solo & Tandem - male, female and mixed
ICF K1 & K2 - male, female and mixed

Cash Award Distribution (Competitor Class only)

$25 of each entry fee collected will be totaled for that subclass and will be distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. That means the more people entered in your subclass, the more cash that will be distributed in that subclass to the top three.

Local Parks

Bastrop State Park, Buescher State Park, Fisherman’s Park, Vernon L. Richards Park

Local Accommodations

Holiday Inn Town Lake is offering a special rate for racers and race support.

Rule TWO

The organizers of this event reserve the right to revise any prior rules or regulations as a result of conflict, hazard or unforeseen incident.

Refund policy in the event of Natural Disaster

I'll refund everything that hasn't been spent to each entrant. The bottom line is I won't take any profit if the race is cancelled

The TWO has many expenses prior to the race that are paid for by early race entries. The process of running this race starts 3 months before race day. The race would not be able to continue as an annual event if 100% of the entry fees were refunded in the event of a flood, forest fire or tsunami. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. It is our sincere hope to put on the safest and best TWO possible.


Solo & Tandem Unlimited's, C1 & C2's
John Bugge (979) 690-1554 or (979) 776-1100

Cook's Canoes (512) 276-7767
Howell's Canoe Livery (979) 732-3816
Rising Phoenix Adventures (512) 677-2305 or (512) 332-1077

Austin Canoe & Kayak (512) 719-4-FUN
Austin Outdoor Gear & Guidance (512) 473-2628
REI (512) 343-5550
TG Canoe Livery (512) 353-3946

Southwest Paddle Sports (281) 292-5600

* Note the information provided above is for reference only.
The TWO is not responsible for rentals or their transportation.
Some local venders may offer delivery and pick-up.
Supply is limited reserve your boat and register early.

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