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The Texas Winter 100k

The Texas Winter 100k was born in late 2010, out of the Texas canoe racing community voicing a desire to have a race during the few dead months between December and March, when there were no scheduled distance races. It was designed by West Hansen, to mirror the Colorado River 100, originated and developed by Mike Drost several years earlier. The TWO ends at the park where the CR100 begins and both races initially followed the same rules and parameters. Each race has evolved over the years with some minor differences.

Some of the primary components of the TWO is the lack of trophies since West considers them fairly useless. Racers spend a lot of time and money training for their sport, so we feel it's important to offer high quality shirts, hats, swag and giveaways from our fine sponsors. West believes it's rather abhorrent to charge a lot of money for a canoe race, simply to make profit and not give back to the racers. There are plenty of races out there that do just that. Twenty dollars from each Competitor race entry goes back to the top three finishers in each Competitor category.

The TWO is a safe, conservative entry race into the world of canoe racing. The course is forgiving at all water levels, yet offers a challenge for experienced racers and adventurers, alike. Efforts are made to evenly match each race category.

The TWO is the only race along this section of the Colorado River, one of the most beautiful and neglected local rivers. Along the route, racers can find hawks, bald eagles, ducks, cara cara, rolling farm and ranchland, pecan groves, cypress trees and easy rock gardens.

About West and all the volunteers

West Hansen is in charge of the race, but there's no way it could happen without his family, who volunteer each year. Many wonderful people volunteer each year, but some volunteer every year. For the sake of organization, the list is generally geographic from race start to finish. You can contact West at: texaswinter100@gmail.com

Barbara Edington (West's sister) is best described as the race manager and handles a lot of the orders for swag, shirts, hats and port-a-cans. She also helps organize the entries and check-in.

John and Sue Nielsen (West's uncle and his uncle's wife) are in charge of the take-out, portage and put-in around Longhorn Dam. Each year they spend their wedding anniversary weekend getting up at 3 a.m. on race day to set out lights, guide stakes and a safety rope for racers.

Christine Battaglia (West's sister) helps with making up the swag bags, organizing the race registration at the Holiday Inn, coffee/bagels for race morning and swag sales.

Jennifer Aucoin (West's cousin) helps with race registration gets up at 3 a.m. to help with the coffee/bagels and assist with the Longhorn Dam portage.

Lauran Edington (West's niece) helps organize the race registration and is in charge of the swag/prize drawing at the registration.

Jamie Aucoin (West's cousin) spent the past few years helping at the Longhorn Dam portage, which, for the record DID NOT cause her to move to Wilmington, NC.

Ann Hansen (West's mom) is in charge of the first mandatory checkpoint at Little Webberville.

Lizet Alaniz (West's wife) helps with the unofficial checkpoint at Big Webberville Park.

Kelly Edington (West's brother-in-law) is in charge of the second mandatory checkpoint at FM 969 Bridge at Utley.

Patty Geisinger (West's friend) is the unofficial race photographer who shows up each year to capture the hundreds of great shots for and of the racers and officials.

Jeanette Burris and Mike Dey (West's friends) are in charge of the wonderful hot food available for free to racers and their supporters at the races end at Fisherman's Park. Chris and Suzi Paddack began this tradition before handing it off to the able hands of Jeanette and Mike.

Gabe Haarsma is the website designer and helps coordinate race entry software, updated the website, installing updated maps and race results.